June 1 2022- Quilted Heart Class
June 16, 2022- Kat and her pillow creation!
June 25, 2022- Pillow My Pet
July 30,2022-Kat and her rainbow pajama pants
July 1, 2022- Ryleigh and her “Pillow My Pet” and “I Found a Quilted Heart” creations.
July 9, 2022-Flor with her beautiful handmade pillow.
July 13, 2022- Ryleigh and her new kitty cat pajama pants
July 23, 2022- Pillow My Pet class, Great job Ladies!
July 27, 2022 – Ashlyn with her Diagonal Square Pillow
July 27, 2022 – Rich and his new Diagonal Square Pillow
August 4, 2022 – Ashlyn with her pajama pants and matching doggie bandana.
August 26, 2022- D’aisha with her new pillow.
August 27, 2022- Jayne and her skirt WITH POCKETS!!
September 9. 2022-Reba with her newly hemmed pants. She did it herself!
September 10, 2022-Amelia with her DINO-mite dinosaur named “Stripes”
September 24, 2022-Kim, Liz and Linda with the pieces to construct their “Easy Does It” bag.
October 8, 2022- Ceceilia and Karla with their zippered pillow covers.
October 14, 2022-Theresa and her new Diagonal Square Pillow


October 15, 2022-Shay and D’aisha, Mother-Daughter duo, posing with their cozy pajama pants.
October 22, 2022- Jaci and Lauren with their new pillows.
October 27, 2022-Laura with her new pillow
October 27, 2022-Deanne with her comfy Christmas shorts.
October 29, 2022-Jude and his new favorite pillow.
November 12, 2022-Maureen and her gorgeous fall pillow.
November 16, 2022-Barb, Rachel, Jeannie and Connie learned to make a pillow.
November 19, 2022- Ashlyn is back to make her pajama top.
December 3, 2022- Jayne, Linda, Katie and Brittany, rocking around the Christmas tree with their No Sew ornaments.
December 16, 2022-Brenda modeling her “Easy-Threesy” Jacket.
December 17, 2022- Pheobe and Breanna showing their “Merry Little Christmas” ornaments and tufted pillows.
December 29, 2022-Myla and Adelyn with their pillows.
December 30, 2022-Barb, Rachel, Connie and Jeanne made bowl cozies!
January 7, 2023-Brownie Troop 3744 made quilted hearts to hide.
January 11, 2023-Breanna, Phoebe, and Chloe modeling their new pajama pants.
January 13, 2023-Lydia and her new Diagonal Square Pillow.
January 14, 2023- Lucy, Quinn and Charlie learned how to use a sewing machine!
January 18, 2023-Lana with her new handmade pillow.
January 21, 2023- Mariah with her new pillow.
January 28, 2023- Kristi and Georgia, with their diagonal square pillows.
February 1. 2023- Mariah, working on her “Elvis” pajama pants.
February 1, 2023-Brownie Troop 3352 made quilted hearts.
February 8, 2026-Morgan and Theda with their pillows.
February 10, 2023-Karen learning that pattern lingo.
February 11, 2023-Lydia is back to make a pillow of her pet.
February 11, 2023-Sydney learned to do her own mending on her own machine.
February 15, 2023- Audrey, Emmalyn Rachael and Ellie showing off their new pillows.
February 22, 2023-Stephanie has learned what that pattern lingo means.
February 25, 2023-Reaghan and Tammy with their pillows.
March 1, 2023-Kaya and Zoey with their pillows.
March 8, 2023-Ann with her custom dyed fabric.
March 9, 2023-Joanne with her “Junk Journal”
March 18, 2023-Ashley with a great start on her Easy Threesy Jacket.
March 24, 2023-Alice with her royal purple banner fabric.
March 29, 2023-Karen and Lydia with their new table runners.
March 29, 2023-Donna and Tammy with their new table runners.
April 7, 2023-Peton with her new pillow
April 8, 2023-Sam is learning to draft her own patterns!
April 13, 2023-Eliana with her new pillow.
April 15, 2023-Yang and Tamara-Couples sewing!
April 19, 2023-Wearing her new pajama pants.
April 22, 2023-Introduction to Sewing.
April 26, 2023-Tammy and Donna with their bowl cozies.
May 13, 2023-Introduction to Sewing class.
May 16, 2023-Reba in for a refresher on that blind hem stitch.
May 17, 2023-French Inspired Zippered Tote (fourre-tout à fermeture éclair)
May 20, 2023-Aubree and her new pillow.
May 26,2023-Mailyn started some pajama pants.
May 27,2023-Introduction to Sewing class.
Introduction to Sewing May 27, 2023
Introduction to Sewing-May 31, 2023
June 3, 2023-Mariam with her pillow
June 7, 2023-1st day of Summer Sew for Kids, Team Wednesday
June 9, 2023-1st day of Summer Sew for Kids, Team Friday
June 10, 2023-Elise’s Birthday Party
June 17, 2023-Introduction to Sewing
June 21, 2023-Troop 3125
June 24, 2023-Applique class with Melody