The world needs more kindness!!

If you have found a fabric flower, you were meant to find it! Please take a picture of it and send it to the following email address, or use the form on the right, and we will post it here on the website. You may keep it or re-hide it for someone else to find. It is exciting to see how our seeds of kindness travel!

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Sent in by Martha:
Look what I found!  Full disclosure, my friend told me she was leaving these flowers about town and that there may be one on my walking route.  I found it #sewsilly, and since I had a heads up to be on the lookout I left it in the general area where I found it.  So, if you recognize the area, go find it and post your picture too!
Flower was found and photo sent in by Altas Masterson
pink gerbera flower in closeup photography
Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on
depth of field photography of tulip flowers
Photo by Vural Yavas on

If you want to make a flower to gift, please do so. Use our printable template at bottom of page or create your own! Decorate it however you like. Then attach a printable tag, also located at the bottom of this page.

Please note-Flowers may be “planted” in public places where it will be found quickly, like a local park, trail, fence etc. If “planted” on private property, make sure you know the person well (Aunt, Grandma, etc). Do not “plant” your flower in retail stores, restrooms, airports, Federal Public Land areas or where it could interfere with wildlife or cause damage.