Here is my about me page.

Since I was young, I had an interest in sewing, and crafting. In my town there were craft classes for kids at the library frequently that were not very costly. There I learned some fun skills like macrame, quilling (yes, look it up, it’s a thing!) and even glass etching to name a few. There were many opportunities to learn some fun new skill. In high school I took advantage of every opportunity to learn the skill of sewing like Home Economics, Sewing 1 , and Sewing 2.

Recently I researched the availability of classes in the area that teach sewing and crafts. It was then that I realized how little opportunity there was for someone wanting to learn. Sure, there are Sewing stores that would teach you how to use a machine if you just purchased one from them, but what if you inherited Grandma’s machine and want to learn how to use it? What if you just want an introduction to sewing without the financial commitment just to see if you will like it?

I decided Sew Silly by Sharon Learning Studio would be a place for having fun and learning a new skill, without intimidation.